This Website Has Served As The Most Useful Tool For Years

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At some point in your life, you have used Google to figure out some sort of information relevant to you at that given point in time. You can “google” virtually anything you need with cluck the click of a button. This website has served as the most useful tool for years. Without this site, it would be much more difficult to search any one specific thing and get as much information as one can find with google. It is made up of a variety of search engines which is why you are able to access so much information so quickly and easily. For example, lets say you wanted to find a company contact number on a website like Flaptor but they do not have a search feature. It would take you hours, if not days to find it by hand and only a few seconds to find with Google.

This American and multinational technology company was founded in 1996. It specializes in Internet-related searches, services, and products. These searches include any and all online advertising related technologies. This includes: search, computing on a cloud, software and hardware. Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google while the both of them were students obtaining Ph.D.’s at Stanford University located in California. The two of them own fourteen percent of Google’s shares. This controls about fifty six percent of the power which stockholders have in supervoting stock. On September 4, 1998, Google was incorporated as a privately held company.

The mission of Google is to organize all of the information in the world so that it is universally accessible and additionally, useful. This site has certainly done just that over the course of its existence thus far. The rapid growth of it has created a chain of products. It has also caused the acquisition of partnerships which go even beyond Google’s search engine. The services offered are designed specifically for work. Mainly for productive work.

Applications from Google such as Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, email, also known as “Gmail”, as well as schedule and time management apps such as the Google Calendar, cloud storage commonly known as Google Drive, all create a productive work space. Additionally to these features is the social networking side of Google. This included Google+. There are instant messaging and video chat portions of Google which allow language translation such as Google Translate. As mentioned earlier, there is also the mapping and navigation side known as Google Maps. YouTube which is also part of Google is used for video sharing. There is also Google Keep which allows the user to take notes. Google Photos is for organizing and editing photos. The Google company eventually moved to its own operating system. This was created around Chrome. Electronics have been manufactured from Google such as Nexus devices and Android. A fiber-optic internet running system was also created which was then called Google Fiber. The company has clearly grown quite a bit since it was first founded, which is not shocking at all.

Google has become such a huge source on the internet for a variety of reasons. Research, emailing, instant messaging, video sharing, and so much more. Google is utilized by the majority if not the entire global population. It is one of the most useful sources on the internet. It is no surprise that Google has now become a community within itself with all of the different apps such as Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail, YouTube, Google Fiber, Google Photos, Google Maps, Google Translate, and much more. Google could exist solely on its own with no other competitor and be just fine. But then, the only thing stopping it from expanding would be the fact that it would not have the demand to update to the new technology each year since it would not have the pressure of the competitors. Google is a wonderful tool used by many.

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